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Zhejiang JinAn Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.located in a beautiful historical and cultural city Xishiguli; the country's largest southern city ---- hardware shop in Zhuji City Industrial Development Zone, the transportation is very convenient. I plant was established in August 1986. focus on automotive fittings, especially cars, commercial vehicles, pickup trucks of all kinds of pipe fittings, pipe assemblies, tanks, arm shaft, multi-pass pipe joints and other machining parts, stamping products and plastic products production and research and development. In recent years, I plant through co-development and self-development, succession and Chongqing Qingling, JMC, BYD, Lifan, Beiqi, Changhe, Xiamen Golden Dragon and other well-known domestic enterprises to establish good relations of cooperation in supporting enterprise scale also will grow The leading products have passed the Europe Ⅱ standard, Euro Ⅲ standard review, I plant in particular, cooperation with these companies has also been developed in the automotive fittings Xunji development and production. 2008 enterprises to seek greater development, I plant to achieve the overall relocation: new plant covers an area 7500M2, plant area 4800M2. The new plant in full accordance with ISO14001 standard design and construction. Many customers to the factory inspection rating: neat, fresh, beautiful, and environmental protection. Forward to your arrival!

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Tel: 13706856676 Fax: 57587661258

Address: Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China Yangmei Town Bridge Industrial Zone store

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